deadcutlass2 AOwnero posted Jan 20, 17
Forum Rules

1. Do not swear too much, or post inappropriate content.

2. Please direct all staff applications to our “Applications” forum.

3. Do not post more than once on a thread, unless you are “bumping” it to keep it active.

4. Do not post on ban appeals unless it’s your appeal, or if you have important information about an appeal.

Chat Rules

1. Do not swear too much or make inappropriate remarks.

2. Do not spam the chat, even in private messages, or overuse caps.

3. Do not advertise other servers in any way, even in private messages.

4. Be respectful to staff, players and the server alike.

5. Please do not ask to obtain any staff rank, special powers, or commands.

Gameplay Rules

1. No claims are permitted in the Nether or the End.

2. Do not AFK farm any crop or entity.

3. Do not grief or steal within towns.

4. Do not hack or cheat. Please report any glitches you find!

5. Do not PvP camp or PvP teleport.

Thank you all for reading our rules! If you have any questions, please ask a staff member.
Best regards,
deadcutlass2, Owner of Hazecraft.