Complicated Specific Haze Laws/Regulations

Short Name: Haze Law

Objection of Laws: The purpose of these laws is to have both the players as well as the staff understand the rules and the general consensus when it comes to our 8 simple rules on the rule board at spawn. Each one of these rules have stricter sub-rules that have been remained ‘invisible’ or just simply passed by the word of mouth or in disorganized fashion. These provisions are intended to, but not limited towards, achieve these following objectives:

1. To make both the players and staff members understand Haze’s defined and undefined laws and regulations.

2. To provide information on correcting players charged with a rule break.

3. To carry out equal punishment upon every individual.


Text- One line of chat

Player- A person that is playing the game

Complex- Any form of physical construction on Minecraft

(I worked extensively to conceive this documentation to be comprehended at a 7th grade level of reading, as most of our players are around that age. Sadly, some people do not have the attention span to read at a 7th grade level, so I’ll try to make it clearer at a 6th grade level.)

Identifying where the rule is located- This code has 10 rules, and each one has a section under it, and sometimes, a ‘sub’section. So if you want someone to look at where Griefing animals is against Hazecraft law, you say check Rule 1, section 1 or you can shorten that by saying 1.1. of the code. If there’s a subsection you want to specify to a person, like the rule on tp killing in the wild, then you may say Go to rule 10, section 1, subsection B. or 10.1.B. for short.

Rule 1. Griefing- Griefing is an act of performing harm or endangerment someone else’s     property.    

What is/is not defined as griefing:

  1. Breaking blocks originally placed by someone else without the original block placer’s consent.

  2. Placing or destroying a substantial amount of blocks outside of someone’s borders.

  3. Killing of peaceful mobs (Horses, cows, chicken, etc) in a private enclosed fence/wall, without the owner’s consent, will result in a jail or temporary ban, unless the griefer replaces the peaceful mobs that they slaughtered.    

  4. Breaking of even 1 crafted item (Beacons, enchantment table, bookshelf) without consent of the owner     is considered a misdemeanor, and would result to a jail or temporary ban, depending on whether or not the griefer complies with demands     to fix the grief he made.    

  5. A redstone clock complex causes much RAM usage, and is forced to be removed by the original creator(s) or face either jail time or a temporary ban.

  6. Any vulgar complexes (ex. Nazi symbols, visual representation of sex organs) are strictly prohibited.

  7. The offense might be dropped if the criminal charged with griefing replaces the items they griefed.    

Rule 2. Stealing- Stealing is taking possession of someone else’s property that does not belong to the other person. Stealing is considered another form of ‘Griefing’ and vice versa.

  1. A player’s or players’ chest(s) must be private locked at all times to prevent thieves from looking in their chests.

  2. If a person wishes to copy another person’s specific build, then they must have consent from the original builder. This goes for administrators as well who wish to copy/paste other peoples’ work.

  1. If two parties are arranging a trade and a third party goes in and picks up the item that they were trading, then that is considered stealing, unless it was not intentional.

  2. If there is a public chest for people to use in a town/region, then no accusation of stealing should occur.

  3. Chests out in the open with no protected sign are NOT be meant to be a booby trap to catch people stealing. No one should accuse a person of thievery for that.

Subsection A. Scamming-    Scamming is the act of taking away someone else’s belonging, benefitting only one individual and not the other.

    1. A scammer must provide back to the owner the money or item that was taken from the victim.

    2. <more to be added soon>


Subsection B. Auctions-

Auctions are agreements between the auctioneer and the bidders. If a person back down from an agreement, they cannot be punished.

1. If bidders are just trying to raise the value of the auctioned item for the sake of just raising, then they can simply be IGNORED

2. If the winner of the auction backs down the trade, then the auctioneer can either run through their list of next highest bidders to select the winner or restart their auction if they wish

3. We do not force people to have their money taken away for a trade, nor punish for not upholding a trade (Unless someone commits the actual act of stealing, See Section E.)

4.  If one party does not agree on the transaction or backs out (Either the Auctioneer or the Winner) then the auction is null and void. (Is cancelled, end of story)

5. If one party (either the buyer or seller) has already exchanged for the money/object, and the other leaves off with the object/money, then it is the staff's job to make sure either:

a. Have the stolen money/object returned to its original owner

b. Make sure both sides uphold their end of the transaction

-Punish the thief by whatever means necessary.

Rule 3. Swearing- Profane language that is considered strongly impolite or offensive.

What constitutes as offensive language-

  1. Describing any sex organs by a person

  2. Gay, when it is used to offend a person or a group of people

  3. Piss, in the form of a verb

  4. Spamming a cuss word more than 4 times in a text will result in an instant mute or     tempban.

a. A player who continues to cuss in that manner will be permanently ban.    

     5.   Any abbreviations, which when translated contains swearing, are also not allowed.


Rule 4. Spamming- Repetition of a phrase or sentence repeatedly, more than 3 times, or repetition of something 4+ times. Caps lock is part of this rule as well.

  1. Caps lock- Using excessive amount of capital letters in a phrase, quote, or sentence.

  2. Caps lock rule in Hazecraft means using all capital letters in 4 or more words at once.

  3. Repeated use of Caps Lock -that follows the rules- in another different sentence     is not an offense.

  4. A whole text with nothing but a single letter or symbol repeated throughout the whole text is considered spam.


         b. Or: <[Member]Idiot69>:@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


Subsection A. - Chat Effects     

Usage of "Bold, Italics, Strikethrough and Underline” are subject to the following terms.

No abuse of them, but you can use them normally- Strikethrough is however banned for being ugly.

Rule 5. Advertising- encourages, persuades, or manipulates an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to join another server that is not Hazecraft nor part of its network. All advertising of unrelated minecraft server is prohibited in the Hub, Hazecraft,     Alleyway, Hazecraft Forums, and Hazecraft Forums Public Chat.

  1. When two people are discussing in private chat about a server that they both have knowledge of already, it is NOT advertising, as it is not marketing to them a server that they already know about.

  2. Posting public server IPs on Hazecraft’s public chat is considered illegal.

  3. Posting private-whitelisted server IPs on Hazecraft’s public chat is considered illegal.

  4. If two people, classified as friends, are caught discussing a server IP in private chat must be given a warning to not mention it in public chat.     

  5. Subliminal Advertising- Is subject to debate by the administrators and/or owners of Haze. If it is obvious that a person is asking many people or a group of people to go elsewhere like in Skype or Enjin so they can SEND an ip, it might be a perma-banned. However, if it’s simply to discuss about a server they are all already aware about, it is not subliminal advertising.

Rule 6. Disrespect Work in Progress

1. A player cannot use offensive language against staff members or against other players.

2. A player must understand and answer an administrator’s questions or statements. Excluding personal or offensive questions.

3. Repeated offenses is considered disrespect for not understanding the staff member’s previous warning.

4. Reminder to all staff that you cannot disrespect the player either, if you are being equally rude to them do not use your position of power to punish them. Players are additionally reminded to report any staff abuse to an Admin or Owner.

Rule 7. Inappropriate Skins- Any Minecraft skin that is deemed as adult-themed, or sexual in     nature, or offensive in society

  1. Bikini/Speedo/G-string skins are deemed inappropriate

  2. Any skin with a nazi symbol labeled on it. Disguising one’s self as hitler without the Nazi symbol is still deemed inappropriate

  3. Horror-themed skins are NOT considered inappropriate

  4. All nude skins or skins only hiding parts of sexual organs are strictly prohibited

  5. A person charged with an inappropriate skin must immediately leave the server     and change their skin to a more appropriate one.    


Rule 8. Abusing Glitches- Using either a minecraft glitch or a server glitch to your own     advantage.

  1. Villager spawn complexes causing substantial amounts of mobs present must be destroyed by its original creator(s) when asked multiple times by staff, or risk permanent ban.

  2. Ghosting (Passing through walls) will result in a jail if it is     repeated again by the offender

  3. Ghost Stacking (Repeated placement of blocks to get up to an area, with the prior blocks     disappearing) will result in a jail if it is repeated again by the offender.

  4. Duplication machines (Complexes that duplicate items or get more of an item) that were an unintentional glitch in Minecraft are prohibited.

  5. Enderpearling through a door is prohibited.    

  6. <more to be added>   

Rule 9. Hack Client- Any type of third party software developed for Minecraft that gives a player an unfair advantage over other players.

  1. Rei’s Minimap is not considered unfair

  2. Having X-ray, Nuker, Autosprint, Auto-aim, and etc is considered illegal.

    1. A Brightness mod is allowed to be used.

    2. TMI (Too Many Items) is legal to use.

  3. A staff member must extensively judge on the player they suspect of having illegal third party software, as sometimes, it could be a problem of just simple lag.

  4. Any player convicted of X-raying with utmost certainty of using hack client(s) may have their chests confiscated and searched.

a. All items that were obtained by X-raying will be burned or smitten.

b. The Admin chooses what items may be returned back to the owner.


Rule 10. Miscellaneous Rules- These rules are defined by the Administators as illegal or prohibited.

  1. A player cannot teleport kill another player.

a. A player is not permitted to tp kill in the wild.

b. If a player wants to teleport someone into the wild, without the other player knowing, then the latter will be charged with the offense.

c. If a player strikes against another player     first after a player teleport, then the striker will be charged first for the offense.

  1. Attempting /afk at a mob spawner or grinder complex is considered illegal

  2. A player cannot ask admins for items, world edit help, nor spawn items or mobs in for the player.

  3. Any player or staff member caught attempting to hack into Hazecraft will be subject to punishment directly by Skaterkid212

  4. All Hazecraft members are required follow the forum rules, in their posts, as stated by the Forum Rules thread.

  5. A person inside a town is subject to its rules and restrictions, unless the rules are deemed unlawful as stated by the original 8 laws.

  6. Officers have priority over any tour. Members are forbidden to offer tours to new members unless a) No Officers are online or b) Officers are online but preoccupied with other duties. Officers are permitted to take a tour off of a Member mid-tour.

  1. All 2-door or 4-door automotive land vehicles must require a license plate on them.

        a. Any license plate ending with a 1 or 2 is not allowed to drive on Mondays, while license plates ending in a 4, 6, or 0 are strictly prohibited to be operated on

A Add &quot;colored chat&quot; to the chat effects. Rule 5 Subsection A

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