IGN (Minecraft username): Wolferest
Why does the staff team interest you? (VERY IMPORTANT): uuuh. i like staff. and i like ice cream. and i want to be a member of staff to be helpful, i was hoping for officer, nothing fancy or special
How long have you played on any/all Hazecraft servers? just like a month before the reset
How familiar are you with Hazecraft’s various systems? (towns, ranks, economy, etc.): yea, their might be some gray spots but i got it down good.
Have you ever broken any rules/been punished by a staff member?: oh yea. i lost track how many times i was muted and was banned 4 major times. one time wiping me to hacking. the other 3 for harrassing players.
Age (please be honest here): 15 going on 16 in october
Time zone: eastern
Do you have access to discord: yes, Wolferest#5601
Please describe in detail what you feel you can add to the staff team: their are alot of unnoticed chat rules being broken whilest a staff member isnt online. ik im a major cause of the disruption but id like to change that area. peace keeping as well is what id like to do.
Anything else? hi, who ever is read this, #gofortnite