in Game Name:Sikat
Are you able to have a Discord interview?:All I have is Google Hangout
What are your best themes?:Anime, non-fiction
How good are you with redstone?:im color blind, so you'll have to tell me which one is red
How good are you at building small sized builds?:I can build a nice 1x1x1
How good are you at building medium sized builds?:idk
How good are you at building large sized builds?:I once built a town on HaZecraft that stored all of my illegal gains, so pretty bad
How good are you at working in a team?:I only answer to Captain when working with others
How good are you at interior decorating and/or detailing?: I make my building's insides like my own, void and worthless
How good are you at exterior decorating and/or detailing?:I can only make things made out of netherrack
What are you good at building?:long things
What are you bad at building?:structures

Here are some of my previous builds

(nvm I don't know how to post screenshots on here)