IGN (Minecraft username): DakotaSikat

Why does the staff team interest you? (VERY IMPORTANT): I want to be able to moderate things that need it, including chat, the discord, and any other area that need help.

How long have you played on any/all Hazecraft servers? Since 2012.

How familiar are you with Hazecraft’s various systems? (towns, ranks, economy, etc.): Very familiar.

Have you ever broken any rules/been punished by a staff member?: Yes.

Age (please be honest here): 18

Time zone: Eastern.

Do you have access to discord: Yes.

Please describe in detail what you feel you can add to the staff team: I have been playing on this server almost since its beginning. I have seen it grow, fade, and return again. I would love to be back on the staff team to help the community.

Anything else? I've noticed a lack of staff being online lately, so I think this would be a great opportunity to help the server.