IGN (Minecraft username): FishNFries
Why does the staff team interest you? (VERY IMPORTANT): Server dosent have a lot of staff online at once. Mostly one or none. I could help with that because I play a lot of the time on Haze.
How long have you played on any/all Hazecraft servers? A lot of years Since 2nd map on haze. When yephuo was owner.
How familiar are you with Hazecraft’s various systems? (towns, ranks, economy, etc.): Very familiar since I played for a long time.
Have you ever broken any rules/been punished by a staff member?: Yes, not recently. just mute mostly. Nothing serious.
Age (please be honest here): 17
Time zone: UTC+2
Do you have access to discord: Yes always online from pc and phone.
Please describe in detail what you feel you can add to the staff team: I have some experience as staff so I know the basics of staff. I pretty much play all the time if not on the server always on discord and I would be able to join the server to help someone if needed. So il be a good help for a lot of time on the server. Can help with anything needed by the staff. That's pretty much all I have to say.
Anything else? Hope to be a part of Hazecraft's Staff team.

Old IGNs most of the staff know me with- _MrSkeleton_ and Pestizzi4Lyfe