This is the new one for the reset
IGN (Minecraft username):boomarty144
Why does the staff team interest you? (VERY IMPORTANT):I want to make as big of a difference as I can to the haze community, but I do understand that with great power comes great responsibility.
How long have you played on any/all Hazecraft servers? I've been playing hazecraft in general since 2015
How familiar are you with Hazecraft’s various systems? (towns, ranks, economy, etc.):I am familiar with the towns and how to run them, I am kinda familiar with the ranking system but I do know how it works, and the economy I am very familiar with since I've been exposed to it for 3+ years, but I do understand that it has changed minorly.
Have you ever broken any rules/been punished by a staff member?:yes, 2-3 bans
Age (please be honest here):12
Time zone: Mountain time
Do you have access to discord: yes, but I wont be able to use voice chats.
Please describe in detail what you feel you can add to the staff team: If I'm an officer then I'll just keep watch of what people do/say in the chat and make sure to punish them accordingly if they break any rules and the warnings I gave them. If I'm moderator then Id help people out with their towns if they have any problems that are in my power to fix, as well as the previously stated. If I'm administrator then I'd just help out in any way that I can, this includes towns, chat, tools, really anything I can do to help.
Anything else? I understand if I don't get accepted as a staff and wont complain, id just accept that I didn't get staff and would move on.