IGN (Minecraft username): whaminator
Why does the staff team interest you? (VERY IMPORTANT): I've been playing HaZeCraft on and off for four years and now that I have much more time, I want to help out the server more.
How long have you played on any/all Hazecraft servers?: I've been playing HaZeCraft for four years.
How familiar are you with Hazecraft’s various systems? (towns, ranks, economy, etc.): I am familiar with most systems although I am not fully in understanding with the Kingdoms system.
Have you ever broken any rules/been punished by a staff member?: I have never broken a rule on HaZe except the old "no caps" rule on accident.
Age (please be honest here): I am fifteen years old.
Time zone: Eastern Time Zone (EST)
Are you able to Participate in a Discord Interview: Yes, preferably not voice call, though.
Please describe in detail what you feel you can add to the staff team: I believe I can add some conflict resolution skills as I can resonate with younger kids.
Anything else?: See Nobledad/Noblefyre for reference, Hope to hear from you soon.