deadcutlass2 AOwner posted Jan 21, 17
-Forum Rules-

1. Respect everyone in the chatbox and on forum threads.
2. Don't excessively swear or post inappropriate content.
3. Click "Apply" to post your staff application on our forums page - do not post them on our forums!
3. Do not double post on any thread, unless bumping.
4. Do not post on ban appeals unless you were banned, are a part of the Ban Committee or have something important to contribute to a case.

-Main Rules-
1. No griefing in towns.
2. No stealing in towns.
3. No using hacked clients (X-ray, Nodus, etc.) or any other third-party client that give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.
4. Don't advertise other servers (posting IPs or asking people to join).
5. Do not excessively swear or say inappropriate things.
6. No spamming the chat or using excessive caps.
7. Don't disrespect the staff, fellow players or the server.
8. No exploiting glitches.
9. No asking for staff.
10. Don't build lag machines of any kind.
11. Respect others' privacy.
12. Respect staff and members alike.
13. No PVP camping /  PVP teleporting.
14. Main chat in English, please!

-Town Rules-
1. No fake adding members
2. Do not kill members in your town
3. Don't steal your members' items.

4. Don't make PVP wars with other towns; we are not a faction server.

Thank you all for reading our rules!
If you have any questions ask a staff member!
Best regards,
deadcutlass2 (Owner of HaZeCraft)
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